Satan was walking around heaven, grumbling, as usual. God turned to him finally and said, "What is it this time?" Satan answered, "I have been telling Jesus that He doesn't know anything about computers! I'm the guru around here! But He's ignoring me."


God said, "OK, let's have a test," and he handed Satan and Jesus a list of tasks. They both started; they made websites, spreadsheets and power point presentations. They made flyers, emailed attachments and edited photos. Suddenly lightning flashed and both monitors went black. Satan cursed a blue streak, Jesus sighed, and they both rebooted.   


God said, "Time's up. Print everything out." Satan said, "What the  #$$%@#%^& are you talking about? We just got hit by lightning-everything's gone!" Jesus hit print and documents began to come out of His printer. 


Satan said, "What kind of trickery is this?"


God just shrugged and answered, "Jesus saves."


Purging CUSTOMS and TRADITIONS from modern churchianity - a return to THE BIBLE




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