Commercializing Christ: Modern-Day Indulgence Sales











I) Buying and Selling in the House of God

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  Examples of Commercialism     Page 1
   A Few Excuses Used for the Commercialism of Church Buildings and Ministries Page 1
Excuse 1)

"These passages of the Bible are obsolete; WE are now the temple of the Holy Ghost!"

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Excuse 2)

"Christ's anger, here, is merely because they were being dishonest in their business transactions!"

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Excuse 3)

"But it's for God's work!"

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Excuse 4)

"What harm could it do?  If at all, this is only a minor sin; why concern ourselves with it?"

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Excuse 5)

"But without being commercial we wouldn't be able to exist as a church / ministry, or to doncduct thir particular ministry!

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II) Preaching to Only Those With Money or Charging or Charging Money For the Preaching of the Word

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   Books, Miracles, Preaching for Sale Page 3
   A Result of Commercialism: Market-Based Preaching Page 3


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