God speaking through us









I. The Central Role of Experience in the Development of Christian Doctrine Page 1
II.  A Second Experience in Drawing Closer to God Page 2
III.  The Infilling is Not Salvation Page 2
IV.  The Gifts are not the Infilling Page 2
V. Regarding the False Doctrine that, "Tongues is Not the First Sign" Page 2
VI.  Different Kinds of Tongues:: Page 3
i) Tongues - Our Personal Prayer Language Page 3

Using Our Prayer Language When Ministering in Person

Page 3
iii) When God Gives Us an Earthly Tongues Prayer Language Page 3
iv) Exercising our Personal Prayer Language in Corporate Worship to God Page 3
v) Tongues- A Form of, "Prophecy," or, "Giving Forth a Message to the Body of Christ" Page 3

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