Micaiah offers our friends a Strong's Numbers search engine.*  James Strong, LLD., STD., developed a now commonly-used system for researching the meanings of the Hebrew and Greek (the original languages in which the Bible was written) Words in the Bible.  Each word of those languages, if used in the Bible, was given a number; that number can be followed quickly to its corresponding entry in his lexicon, or dictionary, of these words.  There one can discover the exact meaning of that word and find other places in the Scriptures that it is used.


This Strong's Numbers search engine was devised by the BLUE LETTER BIBLE.  This search engine may be most useful when used in conjunction with BLUE LETTER's other search engines, as found on Micaiah's Concordances and Reference Search pages.  Those BLUE LETTER search engines can tell you what the Strong's Number is for any word you are researching.









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